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About us

Shri T.A. Vasu created the Popular Appalam brand. As a young boy of 17 years from Chennai, He possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. Coincidentally he stayed close to an Appalam manufacturing unit in the 1960s. He observed that Appalams were sold as a commodity and there was a bulk transfer of unbranded goods. He envisioned a bright future of marketing the commodity as a brand.

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Know About Our Appalams…..

Appalams have been a crunchy part of South Indian Cuisine for more than a century.  They are not only tasty, but highly nutritious as well. Appalams are full of protien,  as their main ingredients are a variety of pulses like urad dal, black gram, chickpeas…They are also a very good source of iron and calcium. They assist in digestion and help regulate cholesterol levels.

Kids Special

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Chipoo Mini

Masala Chips Mini

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Our Recipes

Papad Mixture

Take 4-5 pcs of Popular Masala Papad fried it on flame and make it pieces. It’s ready to mix with bhelpuri, coriander leaf, onion pieces and salt. After this you can eat with so spicy Papad Mixture. If you would like add any dhall also.

Papad Jeera

Take 4-5 pcs of Popular Masala Papad fried it on flame and make it pieces. It’s ready to touch with sweet or spicy jeera.

Fried Papad Cone

Take 4-5 pcs of Popular Masala Papad try to cut it in triangle shapes and fried it on flame. It’s ready to eating with your regular favourite chutney like wise tomato, onion, mint or cocount.

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(+880) 123 456 7898