Invoice Tab -Dashboard

In this Article you may came to know about the uses of Invoice tab in the Dashboard....

Invoice Tab : Home

From this home of Invoice tab, You can View your all the paid and unpaid Invoices as a list..

View your Invoice :

Click on the Particular invoices you had to view or to pay your dues..

After Viewing your Invoice you may go to your Portal by clicking the back to portal button.

If you want to download your invoice for filing purposes you may also do it by clicking the download button....

Pay your Invoice :

We have two option for pay your invoice:

1. Razorpay - For Indian Clients
2. Stripe Checkout (Only Credit Cards) - For International Clients

After Selecting the Preferred Payment method, then click the pay now button at the bottom of the invoice, it redirect you to the payment portal.

Then Click on desired mode of Payment and finish your Payment process...

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