How to Get Stripe Live Key & Secret Key for Website Integration ?

Step  1:

            Login to your stripe account…

Step  2:

            From your Dashboard Home, Click on Developers option in top corner of the page…

Step 3 :

           Click on API Keys option on the left hand side bar of the stripe website.

Step 4 :

            Copy the Publishable Key under the token tab that starts with PK_live and paste it in Woocommerce stripe payment setup under the Live Publishable key field..

Step 5 :

           Click on create key option on the right top corner to generate a secret key for website integration..

Step 6:

Enter a key name that you want to create for the website and click create button..

Step 7 :

       Copy the generated secret key that starts with sk_live and paste it on the Live secret key field in the woocommerce stripe payment settings...

That's all you successfully integrate the stripe payment into your E-commerce website....

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